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About Curls by Mili: A Curly Hair Blog

Hi! I am Mili, short for Milagros. Curls by Mili is a curly hair blog where I share my knowledge and experiences with curly hair. I am an Afro-Latina and Dominican Yorker from the Bronx! I am a curly and natural hair enthusiast, blogger, and curly coach. For more than 12 years, I have rocked my natural hair. Also, I am certified in curly hair styling. I have talked to over 80 Latinxs and Black folk about their natural and curly hair journey. So, I am ready to help you get your curly hair healthy, learn an accessible hair care routine, and maintain healthy curls long-term for easy manageability. Also, along the way, ideas of identity, self-love and self-care, your unique beauty, and trust in yourself will boost your journey!

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Unleash your curls, Unlock your confidence: Expert tips and advice for embracing your natural hair texture by Curls by Mili.

My own natural hair journey (read more here) made me think that I can help others with their natural and curly hair. That is how Curls by Mili was born! I hope this curly hair blog helps you love and embrace your curls! My goal is that this curly hair blog will not only provide you with helpful tips and tricks for maintaining healthy curls but will also help you embrace and love your unique curls. So, join me on this journey to healthy, happy curls and let’s celebrate our natural beauty together!

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