About Me: The Start of my Natural Hair Journey

My name is Mili, short for Milagros. I started my natural hair journey when I was in high school more than 10 years ago. 

Since childhood, my mom had asked my aunts to relax my hair. Several women in my family owned hair salons–Dominican hair salons are the BEST at straightening wavy, curly, or coily hair (iykyk). Every year before the school year started, she would ask one of them to relax my hair to prepare for the school year and make my hair more “manageable.” When I was younger, I really liked going to my tía’s hair salon because it was a moment of TRANSFORMATION. I went from hair that was a frizzy mess, un pajón, to a straight melena that I could do a “hair toss” and run my fingers through my hair. 

As I got into high school, I stopped enjoying my visits to the hair salon. A visit to the salon meant I would spend the WHOLE day there, and brave the hair pulls and excessive heat from the hair dryer (aguantar jalones y calor!). What really made me stop enjoying it were all the negative comments I kept getting about my hair in the hair salon and as a teenager, like I should take care of it more and that it was not healthy when I was already doing the best that I could with what I knew. Those comments impacted me deeply and I relied on myself more and more for my haircare. In between salon visits to re-do the chemical hair relaxer at the hand of a tía, I started to notice the swirly and pretty curls that were the new growth on the roots of my hair. I thought to myself, ‘Wow! If my roots look curly and cute, then shouldn’t all my hair look like this??!” And that’s when I decided I would stop the chemical relaxers and see what my hair’s potential could be!

At the time that I made this decision in 2010, I didn’t see anyone in my life with curly or natural hair. Everyone in my family straightened it and my friends either straightened it or had wavy hair that was “good” hair, not like my frizzy big pajón. But I wanted to try anyway because I knew, from the bottom of my heart, that if I gave my natural hair a chance, it would be beautiful and in turn, I would be beautiful, too!

Now, more than 10 years later, I believe transitioning and accepting my natural and curly hair was an incredibly life-changing decision. It helped me achieve healthier hair, gave me control of my hair and my lifestyle, and I grew to love myself and my identity even more! 

I am a curly and natural hair enthusiast, blogger, and curly coach. I am certified in curly hair styling. I have talked to over 80 Latinxs and Black folk about their natural and curly hair journey. Now I am ready to help you get your curly hair healthy, learn an accessible hair care routine, and maintain healthy curls long-term for easy manageability. Along the way, ideas of identity, self-love and self-care, your unique beauty, and trust in yourself will boost your journey! 

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