11 Curly Hair Salons in NYC for Healthy Curls

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Live in New York City and need help finding a curly hair salon? No worries, I’ve rounded up a list some curly hair salons you can visit if you live in the New York City area. For me, it’s important to support women of color owned businesses, which is why this list focuses on women of color owned curly hair salons!

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Why Visit a Curly Hair Salon from this List?

It’s crucial to support women of color-owned companies when it comes to caring for our curly hair. These curly hair salons in New York City are run by talented women of color! They also provide particular services tailored to our curly hair needs for healthy and beautiful hair. From Dominican-owned salons to Puerto Rican-owned salons, these women are creating spaces where our natural curls are celebrated and empowered. So why not treat yourself to a trip to one of these incredible salons for curly hair and take advantage of their knowledge and luxury? With the right hair stylist and experience, you’ll feel like the queen you are!

Curly Hair Salons Manhattan

Washington Heights, Manhattan

Miss Rizos Hair Salon

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Carolina, a Dominican woman (like me!), runs the fantastic curly hair salon Miss Rizos Salon in Washington Heights. One of the earliest curly hair salons in Santo Domingo, they opened their second location in NYC in 2019. Miss Rizos even created their own line of curly hair products, which will soon be sold at Sephora, and can be bought on their website. 

I also feature Miss Rizos’ curly hair brand in my blog post about Dominican-owned curly hair brands!

Marypily Curly Hair Specialist 

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Let me tell you about Marypily Curly Hair Specialist, a gem of a salon located right in the heart of the Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan. Owned by a Dominican woman and curly hair stylist, Marypily is Rëzo certified and has a lovable and warm personality that makes you feel right at home in her salon chair. The salon’s ambiance reminds me of our Dominican culture and childhood, with women’s chatter in the background, lively Dominican music playing, and the delicious smell of empanadas from the guy selling outside. It’s like a nostalgic trip down memory lane while getting our curly hair pampered by someone who truly understands our unique hair needs.

Cuts by Serenity 

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Cuts By Serenity is a curly hair studio with locations in Uptown Manhattan and New Jersey. I’ve heard amazing things about their stunning haircuts and curly hair transformations. Just look at their Instagram page! The best part? They’re the most affordable option on our list! Although getting an appointment with them might be a bit tricky due to high demand, I believe it’s definitely worth giving it a try. I can’t wait to experience the magic of Cuts By Serenity and get my own curly hair transformed by her. The stylist tiene manos de magia, as my mom would say. Book your appointment and lets keep our curls looking fabulous together!

Harlem, Manhattan

Renaissance Curls Salon

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Renaissance Curls Salon, a salon in Harlem that’s all about embracing and celebrating tight curls like ours. What’s even more awesome is that it’s black woman owned, which is so inspiring! I love that this salon recognizes the struggles we may have faced with our curls and intentionally focuses on giving them the care and attention they deserve throughout our session to ensure maximum comfort. Plus, they offer Demo Sundays where you can get curly hair services at a discounted price as they train their team members. It’s all about creating a supportive and inclusive space for our unique curl patterns. I can’t wait to check out Renaissance Curls Salon and experience the love and care they put into serving curly-haired folks like us!

mili curls by mili curly hair salon dryer
I am sitting in the dryer at a curly hair salon in New York City.

Curly Hair Salons in Lower Manhattan, NYC

Rëzo Salon

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At Rëzo Salon, owned by the talented Nubia, they’ve created a cutting technique specifically for curly hair called the rëzo cut. This technique aims to maximize volume while balancing body, shape, and texture, giving your curls the perfect bounce. While it’s worth noting that Rëzo Salon is on the pricier side, other hairstylists can also become rëzo certified through the Rëzo Academy. This means you may come across other stylists who can create those voluminous rëzo cuts along with other curly hair services. 

Note: Other hairstylists can become rëzo certified through the Rëzo Academy, and I note in this list which stylists are rëzo certified to create the voluminous rëzo cuts in addition to other curly hair services.

Avec L’amour 

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At Avec L’amour, you’ll find a curly hair salon owned and operated by a Dominican woman who is also Rëzo certified. She previously worked at the renowned Rëzo Salon and has now opened up her own curly hair studio in midtown Manhattan. I’ve been following her curly hair journey for over a year now, and although I haven’t had the chance to visit her salon yet, I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for voluminous haircuts and a boost of bounce in their curls. I can’t wait to check out Avec L’amour and experience the curly hair magic myself!

Curly Hair Salons in Staten Island

Girl, don’t sleep on Staten Island! Is it far from most of NYC?? Yes, but there are two curly hair salons in Staten Island killin’ it at the curly hair game!

Curl Transformations Salon 

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At the Curl Transformations Salon aims to create a serene and luxurious experience. Owned by a Puerto Rican woman, the salon aims to help you achieve longer, healthier curly hair. I recently went with my friend who was getting her hair colored there, and they did an amazing job! They are very knowledgeable and take care of the health of your hair first and foremost. While I’m not planning to color my hair right now, if I change my mind, this curly hair salon would definitely be at the top of my list.

City Studio

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Mira, if you live in Staten Island (or NJ) then you’ve got to check out City Studio! It’s just a quick walk off the Staten Island Ferry, if you don’t live in Staten Island. And their Instagram page is on fire! They offer a range of curly hair services, including specialized treatments for hydration and detoxing. What’s even better is that they have both Deva certified stylists and rëzo certified stylists, making them unique on this list. Comment below if you’ve visited!

Curly Hair Salons in Wider NYC Area

Pelo Power Studio in Westchester 

Oh, girl, let me tell you about Pelo Power Studio in Westchester! It’s one of the more affordable options on the list. But don’t let that fool you – the quality of their work is top-notch. Krystina, the Puerto Rican woman stylist and owner, is a rëzo certified stylist who’s all about empowering her clients and turning their curls into masterpieces. When I went there, we jammed to Bad Bunny while she styled my hair – it was such a fun experience! Plus, it’s a safe space where you can be free from judgment and self-doubt. It is amazing! Also, it is a place made for us curlies to have a luxury experience. You’ve got to check it out!

Curly Hair Salons in NJ

I know, I know! Not technically NYC, but these curly hair salons are still in the NYC metro area. If you have a car, maybe it’s worth the trip.

JoeMiguel Salon in New Jersey 

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Do yourself a favor and check out JoeMiguel Salon in New Jersey! It’s owned by a fellow Dominican and self-proclaimed “Rey de los Rizos” (King of Curls). His work has even been featured on Pix 11 News. He has two locations in New Jersey. I visited one a couple of years ago for a haircut, and let me tell you, it’s still one of my all-time favorite haircuts. The skills and expertise at this salon are on point, and I left feeling like a queen with my gorgeous curls. Don’t miss out on this gem!

5 Salon Spa in New Jersey 

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You won’t believe the talent at Ona, the Creative Director and curly hair stylist in NYC! Ona has styled hair for some of our favorite curly hair influencers and celebrities, like Franchelli (ChellisCurls), NYT bestselling author and fellow Dominicana Elizabeth Acevedo, and actress Diana Maria Riva. And guess what? Ona is Dominican, just like me! Jejej You know I love to represent! Getting an appointment with her may take some planning in advance, but let me tell you, it’s worth it. If you can’t get an appointment with Ona, don’t worry. The salon also has other skilled curly hair specialists who can do an amazing job and may be a little easier to book. Don’t sleep on this one!

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