5 Dominican-Owned Curly Hair Brands You’d Wish You’d Known Sooner!

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Ever wondered about Latinx or Dominican-Owned curly hair brands in the US? Here are my five favorite Dominican curly hair brands! Read on as I unveil these hidden gems for your curls–Dominican curly hair brands!

5 dominican-owned curly hair brands

Sometimes people don’t realize that Dominican-owned beauty brands and hair products are plenty. The successes of Dominican beauty entrepreneurs and beauty makers should be celebrated!

Dominicanas in the Beauty Industry in New York City

Washington Heights in New York City is a predominantly Dominican neighborhood–the location of the famous Broadway show In the Heights! Washington Heights has been a major destination for Dominican immigrants to the US since the 1960s. In this time period, like many Black American women for decades before this, Dominican women started opening hair salons and selling beauty products. 

Because anyone that grew up in New York City, whether they are Dominican or not, has probably heard that Dominicans give the best blowouts.

(It’s even referenced by Elizabeth Acevedo, a Dominican-Yorker and New York Times Best-Selling author in her poem, “Hair.”

Dominicans in the Natural Hair Movement

More recently, the natural hair movement in the US has inspired more and more Latinx people to embrace their natural hair texture. Encouraging Latinx women, including myself, to let go of beauty ideals that emphasize straight hair and Eurocentric beauty standards, and encourage each other to embrace out natural hair texture!  

“I let my curtain of curls blanket us from the world, how our children will be beautiful. Of dust skin, and diamond eyes. Hair, a reclamation.”

Excerpt from Elizabeth Acevedo’s “Hair” poem

So, naturally, Dominican women entrepreneurs, who have also learned to love their curly and kinky hair, have developed products and services aimed towards those of us with curly hair and natural hair. Here are 5 Dominican-owned curly hair brands you’d wish you knew about sooner!

Dominican Woman Owned Curly Hair Product Brands

From Elixers to Potions: Forbidden Dominican Ingredients for Hair Growth

bomba curls dominican forbidden oil curly hair product

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls was founded by Lulu Cordero, an Afro-Dominicana who wanted to celebrate and share Dominican beauty secrets for natural hair growth and fullness. After experiencing severe traction alopecia, Lulu developed her own clean, pure, and organic hair care products. Her inspiration came from the Dominican traditions she grew up with. With the motto “Be Bold, Be Free, Be Bomba,” Bomba Curls aims to empower women and girls to embrace their natural curls and kinks. The brand provides premium, nontoxic products formulated without harmful ingredients like silicones, parabens, and sulfates.

Bomba Curls’s best-selling product, Dominican Forbidden Oil, is made with a luxurious blend of oils that will moisturuze your hair and scalp, while providing shine to your hair, and boosting your hair follicles to encourage maximum healthy hair growth. This multi-purpose oil blend is made with coffee seed oil to stimulate your hair follicles for stronger and healthier hair. It also has castor seed oil, which restores dry, brittle hair and promotes scalp health.

Sisters Joining Together for Healthy Hair

ocoa dominican owned curly hair brand leave in


Cory and Nicol Varona, sisters and immigrants from the Dominican Republic, have founded Ocoa with the mission of honoring curly-haired Latina women and empowering them to embrace their natural beauty. Ocoa is more than a hair care brand; it aims to promote cultural representation and self-love. Their products feature luxurious, clean ingredients sourced from their homeland tropical island. And their products provide a simplified routine for wavy and curly hair, prioritizing scalp care, and utilizing the power of carefully selected nourishing ingredients for optimal results. Their website even features a curly hair quiz to help you choose the perfect hair products for your hair’s needs.

Fun fact: Ocoa (O-ko-a) means a place between mountains in the extinct indigenous Taino language. Ocoa is a city in the Dominican Republic (DR) and also the hometown of the founders’ mom.

Their best-rated curly hair product on their website, Ocoa’s Hydrating Curl Cream, provides many important advantages for curly and wavy hair. It effectively hydrates and defines curls, giving them a soft, touchable feel and assists in controlling frizz. It also offers heat protection, making it perfect if you diffuse your hair like me. This curl cream draws inspiration from the earth’s bountiful natural beauty and is infused with nourishing ingredients. It includes Hibiscus, Mango butter, and Marula oil, gives your curls hydration, definition, and protection.

Pink and Powerful: Dominican-Owned Curly Hair Brand Provides Nourishing Curly Hair Products

pink root curly hair product leave in

Pink Root

Pink Root Products was created with a mission to facilitate the transition from chemically treated and heat-damaged hair to natural hair. The brand offers carefully chosen ingredients that nourish all hair types and textures. So, their formulations restore damaged hair and stimulate new growth by infusing nutrient-rich and organic ingredients. Founder Mariel Mejia, who experienced the struggle of damaged hair herself, launched the brand in 2019. She was driven by her passion for natural solutions and a desire to empower customers to embrace their natural beauty. Pink Root Products prioritize formulas make hair look great and promote long-term health. The formulas are free of harmful substances and certified cruelty-free.

Pink Root Leave-In Conditioner has many benefits including providing heat protection, improving scalp circulation, and preventing hair loss. It does this with premium organic ingredients like sweet almond oil rich in vitamin B6 and K, which adds gloss and stimulates the scalp to prevent hair loss. It also uses keratin protein to give fruzzy, dry, and damaged hair new life!

Dominican Curly Hair Brand for Styling your Curls at the Hair Salon & at Home

miss rizos curly hair products rise and shine sapote oil dominican brand

Miss Rizos

Miss Rizos started as a blog by Carolina Contreras in 2011. Miss Rizos transformed from a personal blog to a movement for Dominicans to embrace our natural hair texture and our pajones for Dominicans on the island and in the US. Miss Rizos opened two curly hair salons, each in Santo Domingo and New York. Miss Rizos salons cater to all natural hair: coils, curls, and waves. With support of the transnational Dominican community in the US and the Dominican Republic, as well as the grit and determination of Carolina and her team, in 2023, Miss Rizos launched a curly hair product line! Miss Rizos curly hair products feature unique ingredients inspired by Afro-Caribbean roots. 

Carolina’s favorite product from her line is the Miss Rizos Rise & Shine Sapote Oil. Use it as an overnight teamtent when your curly hair feels a little dry. Or to break your cast and add shien at the end of styling. It features nutrient rich Sapote oil, a fruit native to the Dominican Republic, which promotes a healthy scalp and hair. It also contains argan oil that is shown to hydrate and soften your hair, prevent breakge and promote hair elasticity, and increases shine.  

Curly Hair Tools

Caring for your Big Hair

hello updo silk scrunchie for curly hair and natural hair

Hello Updo

Hello Updo was created to provide inclusively sized hair tools, such as silk scrunchies and pillowcases, for textured and fuller hair types. The idea came to the company’s founder, Magdalene, after breaking multiple scrunchies when she tried to tie her big and voluminous natural hair into a ponytail on a particularly hot day while visiting the Dominican Republic. Magdalene’s personal journey with her natural hair helped her embrace and cherish her kinky hair as part of her identity, history, and pride. 

Hello Updo’s Biggish silk scrunchie has sold out multiple times and is sold to customers and in stores all around the US. The scrunchies are available in two sizes: biggish and smallish. They are made with 100% pure mulberry silk, which means they are seriously soft and gentle on your hair. 

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