Why You Should Visit a Curly Hair Salon

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You’re not sure if you want to go to a curly hair salon, but you’re curious about it. These are my reasons for why you should go to a curly hair salon from haircuts, styling, and feeling super confident. I also include a hack for getting cheap curly hair cuts!

why you should visit a curly hair salon

Do you live in the NYC area? Here is a list of curly hair salons you can visit in the New York City area.

Benefits of Visiting a Curly Hair Salon

It Builds Self Confidence!

Visiting a curly hair salon is not just about taking care of your hair–although it is very much about that–it is also time to take care of yourself. The advantage of visiting a curly hair specialist is that they have loads of experience cutting and maintaining healthy curly hair. At the curly hair salon, they will shape your curly hair to fit the frame of your face, which helps with your confidence in yourself!  Whenever my hair feels flat or I just don’t know what to do with it anymore, it is often a sign that I need a haircut to shape my hair again and give my curls life and lift.

Regular Trims and Haircuts

Regular haircuts also help keep your hair strong and prevent breakage for longer hair over time–if that’s your goal. Ideally, you should be getting trims every 3-4 months. I know that it’s hard for some of us to make it to the curly hair salon that often, whether it’s because of lack of time or a tight budget. 

Cheap Curly Hair Cuts Hack

If that’s the case, I have a couple of strategies. If a tight budget is keeping you from getting regular haircuts, then sign up to be a hair model for beauty school students and junior curly hair stylist at a salon. For example, on Instagram I follow a bunch of curly hair salons and once in a while, they post that they need a curly hair model for hair cuts or other services likes color. Often, these services are provided at a big discount. The only downside is that they usually have very limited number of spots on a tight schedule. Miss Rizos Salon in NYC has it built into their appointment scheduler.

Curly Hair Stylist Can Help You Build a Personalized Hair Care Routine

Also, a detailed curly hair stylist will give you personalized tips on a suitable haircare routine for your hair and that is suitable for your lifestyle. The  advice from a curly hair salon stylist about the ideal hair care regimen for your curls. They can make suggestions for products and methods that will help you get the appearance you want while maintaining the hydration and health of your curls.





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