The Power of Curly Hair Representation: Embracing Beauty in All Its Forms

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To accept beauty in all of its forms, this blog article emphasizes the significance of diversity representation, which includes curly hair representation across various hair textures and varieties. By seeing a reflection of ourselves in the visual media, we can celebrate ourselves and encourage others to do the same with more diverse representation.

Celebrating Diversity Representation

It is essential for fostering self-love, inclusivity, and diversity that natural hair, especially curly hair, is represented in a variety of media, including music, TV, movies, sports, social media, and celebrity culture. Being an Afro-Latina from the Bronx, I can speak from experience about how difficult it was for me to accept and appreciate my curly hair because there was so little diversity in my community. 

The importance of seeing ourselves in visual media

Maybe if I had seen women and girls with curly hair around me, on television, as important figures and our society, maybe I wouldn’t have felt like I was weird or different. I did like my curly hair. Eventually, I didn’t want to hide it anymore. 

My personal experience with curly hair representation

relaxing with curly hair

There are so many of us that had to learn to love our natural hair as adults. That is why, today, there are so many of us talking about representation in media, and social media. It let’s us see so many more different kinds of people, a diverse ideal of beauty potentially, and we can embrace ourselves and help others embrace themselves too through representation in media. Natural hair representation and curly hair representation in media, and television, on magazines, everything that we see is so important for promoting self-love, inclusivity and beauty in all its forms. 

Learning to love my curly hair as an adult

Even though I have had my natural and curly hair for more than 10 years, I still get so happy whenever I see people with curly hair on ad campaigns, in movies, on the red carpet! It makes me feel so good to think that a little girl growing up today doesn’t have to feel ugly or not enough because there is more curly hair representation in our visual media. 

The significance of natural hair & curly hair representation

But it is still not enough because there are so many talented Black and Latinx artists, writers, nd actors, and creative makers of the visual industry whether it’s television, movies, and social media even! And we need everybody’s voice and everybody’s bodies to be represented because when we only see one kind of beauty, we exclude so many. 

This includes curly hair. We need to make sure we see the all of the different  kind of swirls, twirls, and coils and waves, that different curly hair types have. And most of all for all of us to have our stories told and seen.

The joy of seeing curly hair representation

As a kid I only saw one beautiful person with curly hair on TV and it was Tracee Ellis Ross’ character on “Girlfriends”. It was amazing! Except that it’s still didn’t feel like me because I’m also Latina. And at the time, I felt like I couldn’t be like her. Even though I already was like her: big and beautiful curly hair (that I didn’t yet know it was beautiful). And so I struggled for a couple more years until I was brave enough–and it was brave at the time in 2010–to go outside curly hair in my Dominican community when the pinnacle beauty was straight hair at the time.

Today I see Tracee Ellis Ross on TV in “Black-ish” as a Black woman with so many different kinds of natural hairstyles. And her kids on the show also rock their natural and afro-textured in so many different ways. It’s amazing to see the difference as to how I felt when I saw Tracy that was the first time as a kid in “Girlfriends” and now that I’m an adult and I see her in “Blackish”. Now I feel like I can relate and I see myself and my family of “Blackish”, even if I’m not African American but as part of the Black diaspora in the US. 

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“Hair love IS self-love.”

Tracey Ellis Ross

Tell our own stories through Afro-Latinx & curly hair representation

I want to see Afro-Latinx families on television and on media. Where we could look like me and we can look like Ariana DeBose and that they can look like Amara la Negra and we can look like what we are: an ecclecltly diverse community. Where we can be the heroes, the villians, and the anti-heros of our own stories.

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